Plotly for Python

Create interactive, D3 and WebGL charts in Python. All the chart types of matplotlib and more.

No fuss Web graphics for Python

It’s the charting library from 2040. We’re setting a new standard for interactive charting in technical computing:

  1. Interactive by default.
  2. Language agnostic.
    Instead of saving as images, charts are serialized as JSON and can be read in R, Python, Julia, MATLAB, or JavaScript.
  3. Embeddable & editable on the Web.
  4. Vector export for print publication.

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Export Python charts from Jupyter notebook to edit online, place inside dashboards, and share with coworkers

Create your charts in Python, then use Chart Studio to make edits, inspect the chart’s JSON, and share online with you team or customers.  

Analytic web apps with Dash

Deploy analytic web apps, dashboards, and interactive online reports with less than a few hundred lines of Python.

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Dash and Python Workshops

Bring your team’s data visualization skills to a new level with Dash or Python workshops.

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Help Steer the Roadmap

We’ve helped some of the world’s largest organizations overhaul their reporting and visualization with modern, Python-based workflows.