Dash Licensing

Using Dash inside your enterprise?

License Dash Deployment Server for easy app deployment in commercial IT environments.


Dash Deployment Server

A modern platform for deploying and managing Dash applications. No DevOps required.

Trusted by the world's leading companies, the Dash Deployment Server enables analysts to securely deploy and share Dash applications in minutes. Install On-Premises or on a cloud like AWS.

Upload Dash Apps

Easily Sync Code Between Desktop and Server

With Dash Deployment Server you can work on your application on your desktop machine and then periodically sync your code with server. Pushing updates is dead-simple, it's just a `git push`.

Multiple Apps, Multiple Authors

The Deployment Server is designed to run multiple Dash apps on the same server

Once your IT department has installed the Dash Deployment Server you and your team can upload as many apps as you want.

Standarized Deployment

A modern workflow for deploying and managing Dash applications

With Dash Deployment Server, every analyst is empowered to share their work with colleagues and clients in a standard, well-documented, reproducible way - no DevOps or IT required.

Reproducible Builds

Dash Deployment Server automatically installs and upgrades your app's Python and system-level dependencies

Dash Deployment Server automatically installs and upgrades your app's Python and system-level dependencies. Since each Dash app is automatically run in a secure, isolated container, you don't have to worry about conflicting dependencies.

Secure, Sharable URLs

Easily and securely share apps with colleagues or clients

Each Dash app will have a unique URL path that you can configure. Dash Deployment Server manages the complex URL routing and HTTPS that's required when running multiple apps on a single server.

Since Dash Deployment Server is installed on your own servers, your IT department can easily configure your firewall to only allow access to your apps from certain networks.

LDAP, Active Directory, and SAML Integration

Easily secure your apps with LDAP or AD login with no extra coding required

Share sensitive apps with just a few colleagues or a specific preconfigured LDAP group. Monitor historical access to your apps through audit logs.

Secure Database Credential Management

Dash Deployment Server allows administrators to manage and rotate secure environment variables like database passwords centrally. These secure variables are kept out of source control and can easily be shared across multiple Dash applications.

Secure By Default

Dash Deployment Server is trusted by some of the most secure organizations in the world

Dash Deployment Server enforces HTTPS and provides a simple interface for IT to generate self-signed SSL certificates or upload their own certificates. HTTPS is automatically enabled for each the apps that are deployed, no configuration from the analyst required.

Isolated Code Execution

Secure, modern app containers by default

Each App on Dash Deployment Server is run in a secure, isolated Docker container that is automatically created and managed. If the app crashes, Dash Deployment Server restarts it. When code is deployed, a new docker image is automatically created. Every request and action is automatically logged in an isolated folder on the file system. App dependencies are managed separately in each container, providing secure isolation.

Commercial Add-On

Dash Design Kit

Better Apps. No CSS Required.

Dash Design Kit lets you easily arrange, style and customize your Dash Apps so you can go from exploration and discovery to deploying beautiful, production-ready apps in no time.